Yoga Experience

Yoga is an ancient practice which fairly recently has become one of the top activities in Western culture for those in pursuit of wellness and self-care. Why? Yoga practice is holistic, meaning that the focus is on the whole and the interdependence of all parts rather than analyzing and isolating each part of you. 

Expect Asanas from this yoga class; a physical exercise that works on your flexibility, endurance and strength. Don’t be fooled by the blissful expressions on yogis faces and their effortless way of moving on the mat; you will be working all your physical abilities in a profound way, quite different from what you may be used to- in the absence of high intensity, explosive moves, you’ll be stronger and more elastic than ever, which will protect you from injuries & improve your posture, to mention just a couple benefits you’ll enjoy. 

Another tool that yoga utilizes is Pranayama, or life force, the breath to us. There are many different breathing techniques to help you in different situations, if you’re stressed, sleepy, cold or too hot… Knowing them will allow you to deal with difficult situations more peacefully and enhance your potential. 

Meditation is also one of the foundations of yoga; key to increase mental and emotional strength is reaching a meditative state.  How? Through focusing on inner elements and learning how to accept without holding on to the external ones.  In time we learn how to respond instead of reacting to stuff, and to be focused and calm. 

So these are the three main parts that you will find during the EMT yoga classes: a weaving of asanas, pranayama and meditation that will transform you and your life by getting all your inner potential to flow freely as it should, physically, mentally and emotionally. The style is Hatha-Vinyasa, where poses are held a bit longer in between Vinyasas; although expect influences from other types of yoga as well! 




This way we can work on each and all the parts of the practice in depth and without rushing through. 

What to bring:

A yoga matt (if you have a brick great, if not no worries)

Sporty clothing, water to drink, and love in your heart.

Why not bring a friend with you?


Do not sign up to the class & then not come! There are limited slots, by signing up to the class you are occupying one, if you then don’t come it means somebody has missed out on training, not cool.

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