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We are passionate about helping people upgrade their lives so they can feel physically, emotionally and spiritually stronger. We want to make Thai boxing, the Wim Hof Method & mindfulness accessible for everyone in Barcelona. We have total passion in what we do, we love Muay Thai and martial arts in general and have been teaching with success for years.  Having both completed the online Wim Hof course, and done various seminars, we plan to go to the Pyrenees with Wim soon. Constantly learning about ANY way to help ourselves and in turn share this and help others become happier, healthier and stronger.  As long as it is science backed we will use both the newest technology or ancient forgotten knowledge. It is fundamental for us to grow constantly through studying, travelling and going to seminars, reading, etc.



Paul Eduardo Arguelles, 34 years of age.
Founder and head instructor at Everest Mindful Thaiboxing (EMT).

Paul was has lived in many places. Born in Scotland, grew up in England and has been based in Barcelona for the last ten years.  He has a degree in Psychology and a masters in Business. He has fought professionally all around the world, most notably winning at Max Muay Thai tournament in Bangkok and Kunlun Fight in Shenzhen, China.  A long term meditator, having attended Vipassana's and various other spiritual retreats.  His career was ended in its prime by a mystery sickness that was not helped at all by conventional methods. This has been a big factor in his passion to find ways to be well and to then share what he has learnt with others.

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Mauricio Javier Olivera, 28 years of age.
Founder and head instructor at Everest Mindful Thaiboxing (EMT).

Born in Uruguay, he has been living in Barcelona for 18 years. Mauri has always excelled at and enjoyed sporting endeavours, competing in the following; Muay Thai, Jui Jitsu, Football, Tennis and Swimming. He has two degrees, one in physical education and the second in Chemistry. Mauri is a certified kettlebell instructor and personal trainer.  Mauri is truly passionate about leaving the world a better place than he found it. Everyone is impressed by his energy levels and positivity.



Adri, 28 years of age.
Instructor at Everest Mindful Thaiboxing (EMT).

Adri is a professional fighter also from Barcelona, Spain. At the tender age of 24 he has already fought various world champions such as Damien Trainor, Daniel Mcgowan and Shiro from Japan for a World Championship belt. He is currently in Thailand studying the art and will be back with us in the future.


Jaume, 27 years of age.
Instructor at Everest Mindful Thaiboxing (EMT).

Jaume is 26 years old from Barcelona.  He is a lifelong martial artist with experience in various disciplines including jeet kun do and jui jitsu, these add to his in depth understanding of his main art Muay Thai or Thai Boxing.  He has lived, trained and fought in Thailand where the sport comes from and we excited to have him as part of the team.


We concentrate on Muay Thai technique during the class, integrating HIIT and stretching into every class. In addition to the sport side we use meditation and visualizations, cold therapy, breathing exercises and the keto diet/fasting to transform people's physical and mental health. Through our sessions, we’ve pushed people to exercise harder than they knew they could, our infusion of exercise and Eastern knowledge results in a happier, healthier more balanced individual.



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Nothing good comes easy
— Paul A.