First Pack Gifts


Congratulations on investing in your well-being. Are you ready to become a fully realised version of yourself?


Muay Thai Techniques (Level 1)

Ok so we’ve established you like punching and kicking stuff. Download this to perfect the basic movements and combinations needed for the first test and to go to the next level. Homework time.

Middle Stretch

Yin and Yang. Consider the stretching protocols the Yang part, and the Thai boxing and HIIT exercises the Yin. If we stress and tense our muscles training it only makes sense to take time to stretch and relax them right?‌‌


Front Stretch

Rigidity in body and mind is to be avoided if we are to flow through life. These detailed stretching and is tough but since when did anything good come easy? Enjoy the myriad of benefits brought from stretching by downloading and following this protocol.


Morning Routine

Why download this document and use precious bandwidth? I'll tell you why, life is all about momentum, if you start your day right from the beginning you will be like a snowball rolling down Everest, getting bigger and more powerful as you go.



Ketogenic Diet

This miracle diet is being prescribed by doctors with success to combat mystery and other ailments.  It really is something to behold. Instead of using it once you are sick why don't you start now? Download to learn how to maintain health, increase energy, focus and reduce body fat amongst many other benefits.


You will be in good company if you download this document, Jesus Christ, Buddha, and the Prophet Muhammad all shared a common belief in fasting. More recently another man named Yoshinori Ohsumi, a cellular biologist from Japan, became a Nobel Prize winner in physiology and medicine. The Japanese scientist has scientifically substantiated that fasting is good for one's health...


Pumpui Coffee

Do you want to reduce inflammation? Do you like coffee? Do you not want to get hangry anymore (hungry and angry)? Do you want to have less brain fog? Do you want to lower your body fat? Well what you waiting for click to download EMT Pumpui Coffee guide to learn how to start your day with a delicious fatty beverage guaranteed to get you firing on all cylinders.