Thai Boxing Essentials


Continue to practice at home! The basics are not the most exciting but are the foundation of everything to come. Really important to have this stuff in your DNA.



Find here the days and times that we train, be sure to look closely as some of these classes are free and no class will be deducted from your pack. We have so many classes now that you are going to have to get really creative with your excuses for not coming.

essentials Nº1

Feeling good after your first class right? Here is a guide to help speeden your evolution and save time in the next few classes. Click here to download our EMT Essentials guide. Follow the videos to really get your basics down at home, learn the stance, how to move, etc. Think of these as the foundations to the house we are building.


We want to have fun in class but we also want to improve and have mutual respect between everyone. Please read these rules carefully, things can happen and we are sympathetic to that but try and stick to the few rules we have.



For the first few classes we have equipment for you. Later it will be obligatory to have your own stuff to come to certain classes and continue your improvement. Invest in yourself, invest in your health. Take a look at our t shirt and jersey too!

Level up

Without a map how do we know where we are or if we are going in the right direction? See here the mountains that you will summit with us. Set yourself a goal and let the Everest team help you climb up to it.

pack benefits

As you progress and inevitably run out of classes, you will need to buy new packs of classes. Click here to see the new and different information or gifts you will be given with each pack. Top content and presents to enjoy but ultimately use to facilitate your progress in climbing the mountain of life.