Our inspiration: Maggie Doyne


Everest is passionate to make a positive difference.  Firstly in you. We know how to optimise you, how to get to the real you, you just have to do it, it is not easy! But it is simple.  When you are a loving, happy and altruistic person your behaviour becomes like a virus.  This love bug will be transmitted to those around you, eventually bettering your, and everybody's immediate environment.  You don’t have to do great everyday, just do.  Loving acts spread and transmit out and have a repeated effect. Be the light in this world.

On an international scale, our goal is to make a difference for children in Nepal.  With your help, we together can change the world.  If we don’t like the things we see it is our duty to change them.  Let's create the world we want to live in, if not us, who?

Think about some of the first world problems you have complained about this week and be grateful that's all you're dealing with.  In Nepal, one week there will be drought, the next floods.  After 10 years of civil war,  the UN estimates that there are 1 million orphans or abandoned children there because of war or disease.  Children everywhere want the same things, love, education, friendship.

Our inspiration Maggie Doyne saw this when she was just 18 years old.  She fell in love with Nepal and in turn the people opened up their hearts to her.  She was so moved she started by using her $5000 from 10 years of babysitting to help.   She bought land to build homes for children who had nowhere to live and had lost their families.  In the beginning she was overwhelmed and spent a lot of time angry at herself due to her life long ignorance of this suffering.

That all changed when she met Hima, a young girl in a tattered orange dress, living and working by the side of a dry river bed.  She would carry big stones and boulders up out of the river bed and break them down into smaller stones.  Selling the big bag she collected by the end of the day earnt her around a dollar.  She used this money to take care of her single mother, siblings and other family.  Maggie started small and wanted to educate this beautiful little girl who despite her circumstances managed to summon a smile and say ‘Namaste’ to Maggie everyday.  She watched as Hima’s life was transformed.  This kind of work can become addictive, and Maggie began to help 5, 10, eventually 20 children, resulting in her money running out.

Maggie had a dream.  She wanted to build a home for the kids as opposed to just providing education.  They needed food, a bed to sleep in, a place to call home and medical care.  Eventually, when she ran out of money she raised a further $20 000 to continue with the children's home, soon to be known as Kopila Valley children's home.  People saw her work and she was later awarded a $100 000 grant, which she used to complete the project.

Today there are 220 children enrolled at the school.  They employ local teachers, a clinic for medical care and one nutritious meal is provided per day.  Almost all of the children at the school are the first to have been educated in their families. 

Despite Maggie’s fantastic work children continue to suffer in Nepal.  That’s why Everest is offering free classes and asking for your help.  We are working with BlinkNow, Maggie Doyne's foundation.  We know that they are doig great work and our community goal at Everest is to send 500 euros as often as we get there, so far we’ve sent 1500 euros. This money is focussed on:

  • A loving home for the children

  • Literacy and Education

  • Reduction of Poverty

  • Social Justice

  • Women’s Empowerment

  • Rural Development

  • Global Sustainability

The suggested donation is 5 euros, but don't let that hold you back ;) Here are some figures from the blinknow website, according to them a child can be fed for a year for 80 euros, or for 400 euros per year we can provide vocational training for students pursuing agricultural and farm studies.  So for example, to make what we are doing tangible, if 16 people come to a class one Tuesday and give the suggested donation that means we feed a child for a year! Cool right?  When your mindset is to live for and help others your reality is transformed.  When the universe sees you being a warrior of love and being righteous it will reward you.  We want to provide shelter, education, food and medical care for kids.  They still have hope, let's show them they have reason to…

Inform yourself about or donate directly to Blinknow here:


Kajsa Brinell