Stretch & Meditate Experience

For people who want to have pain free bodies & minds. Here we dedicate 30 minutes to both movement (stretches) but also importantly stillness (meditation), both being as important as the other.

Stretching reduces stress, improves posture, prevents or heals injuries & back pain, helps you to be more agile, flexible and mobile, & of course have faster kicks ;)

Studies show that meditation:

• Reduces chronic pain
• Slows ageing
• Improves sleep patterns
• Alleviates loneliness, hopelessness, and despair
• Meditators also learn faster than non-meditators
• And, they’re more creative & more intelligent

For more information read our blog here about the science behind meditation or here for the benefits of Yoga.



30 MINUTES total

What to bring: A Yoga matt, water & clothes appropriate for stretching.